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Jordan's Biography

Jordan Sofris was born and raised here in the Bay Area.
“Most people know me as Jordan River”
Jordan graduated Saratoga High and attended college at UC Berkeley where he majored in psychology. In 1989 Jordan founded Jordan River Entertainment and Photography, www.a-dj.com, a successful DJ, Photography, and Entertainment company specializing in Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and Special Events. Jordan has been doing Photography since he was a child.
“When I was 11 years old my parents gave me my first 35mm film camera. Soon after they bought me an Omega Enlarger and developing equipment to process the negatives and create prints” 25 years later digital cameras have changed the way we process and view our images.
I have spent the last number of years learning advanced Photoshop techniques, digital workflow, and custom Album design.
Jordan has fully embraced the new technologies while keeping with the classical and traditional style of portrait, lighting, and photojournalistic photography.
“ Photographers are artists who work with light on a blank canvas"

Stefan's Biography

Stefan Hack was also born and raised here in the Bay Area. He has also lived in Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and the Netherlands.
Stefan has been an avid photographer since childhood. He has always pursued his art of photography and produced stunning images of wilderness, travel, culture, photojournalism, and fine art. He has an eye for convergence, an acute sense of light, and an intuitive sense of composition.
He has studied under such notable teachers as Holman Turner and Jeff Weston, who have helped him achieve a high degree of technical ability, knowledge of different qualities of light, and the ability to work in different lighting situations. He uses these skills to augment his wonderfully intuitive sense, and he so often manages to capture scenes at just the right moment.
Stefan's philosophy is to use equal parts photojournalism and traditional wedding photography. He is equally adept at "going with the flow" and capturing moments as they happen, as well as coordinating large groups for family portraits and posing the bride and groom in elegant, traditional poses.

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